I’m James Hungerford and I’ve been working in the exhibition and environmental branding industry for over 30 years.  My passion for executing creative Business + Work has not only been the foundation of my career, but also the catalyst of a successful 13-year tenure as CEO and President of Xibitz, Inc.  My history at Xibitz included delivering over 100 remarkable and substantial creative projects, physical and virtual, for the Museum, Corporate, Healthcare, Sports and Higher Education markets, while working synergistically with the architecture and design community.

Providing Best Practices in Business + Work.

In 2015 with Erich Zuern (Xibitz Producer), Jeff Bowen (Bowen Technovation) and Maria Piacente (Lord Cultural Resources) I launched my last strategic initiative at Xibitz Inc as CEO, “Perlan: Wonders of Iceland” and independently consulted on this project thru 2016.

The “Perlan: Wonders of Iceland” located in the Perlan, a landmark dome-shaped, glass building in Reykjavik will be the home of Iceland’s biggest nature exhibition. Opening in two phases, in 2017 and 2018, as part of a multi-million-dollar project, it will feature man-made ice caves, immersive theater, along with extensive new exhibits.

Following the acquisition of Xibitz in January 2016, I ended my relationship with the company and took a six-month sabbatical and continued to reflect on collaborative leadership and building effective partnerships.

In 2017, I launched Bluewater Studio with colleagues James Gould and Erich Zuern, a division of Bluewater, one of the most respected technology and live event companies in the United States.

[ James Gould, as Director of Production & Operations at Xibitz for ten years, he provided the inspired leadership and oversaw the success of dozens of complex and sizable projects from planning through production and installation, fostering collaborations with subcontractors, clients, and internal partnerships. ]
[ Erich’s record of leading successful projects is noteworthy and remarkable. For more than 30 years, he has inspired, guided and led the production of museum projects across the United States and abroad – connecting people and nations throughout the world. At Xibitz, Erich built an impressive portfolio of diverse cultural projects featuring interpretive storytelling, educational experiences and highly engaging activities. ]

Bluewater Studio opened new opportunities for me, advancing my vision and expanding the ability to serve clients and partners. It presents the perfect opportunity to integrate advanced media technology with proven design strategy, development, and production of highly creative environments, cultural experiences, and spaces.

In a supportive, consultative, partnership or leadership role, if you’d like to learn more about my achievements – and how I might contribute to your endeavors or projects – please contact me at your convenience.

 Museum,    Corporate,    Healthcare,    Higher Education, and Athletics,    Media