Market Leadership

“James has a deep knowledge of the market place – what the trends are, who to partner with, and how to deal with the competition.  Understanding how the market will respond means that James usually creates the right strategy that leads to a win and the eventual successful (and profitable) completion of a project.”

The above testimonial from one of James’ many admirers, summarizes how and why he’s been able to develop such a strong personal brand in the environment and exhibition industry.  In addition to his 360-degree perspective of the marketplace, he has a lifelong commitment to identify and execute best business practices and cultivate client, creative and business partnerships built on trust and mutual success.

His tenure as CEO and President of Xibitz Inc. illustrated how James acts on a strong belief that nurturing unique collaborative partnerships can provide significant mutual benefits.  Because of James’s inspiring vision and strategic leadership, Xibitz was able to reposition its market strategy, new market development practices, strategic recruiting, team and partnership building and operational leadership, leading to its continuous growth and enhanced reputation.  His work and passion over the past 13 years have been focused in the following markets:

Museum,    Corporate,    Healthcare,    Higher Education and Athletics,   Media
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