About James

James Hungerford has been contributing to the Business of the Arts and the Art of Business for over 30 years, with his most recent role as President and CEO for Xibitz Inc.

His diversity of business knowledge and experience, and his proprietary knowledge, united with his project experience and his diverse portfolio of work reflects his dedication to a higher purpose and an unwavering passion for developing, building and leading creative organizations and producing exhibits and environments that are culturally and socially driven.

James’s portfolio of work also demonstrates a synergistic collaboration with the architecture and design communities to engage and inspire people in museums, corporate settings, healthcare facilities, colleges and sports arenas.

James began his career doing technical work in television and live theater including Broadway shows and touring productions.  Always entrepreneurial in spirit, he established his own startup, Adirondack Scenic JCH, Inc., by the time he was 25.  The company provided a range of services for the entertainment industry including strategic planning, design, production, logistical and installation services for theater, national opera, corporate live events, theme park attractions, film, and television, as well as permanent exhibitions and environments for museums and corporations.

Seven years later he accepted a leadership position with Derse, Inc., applying his talents to the task of leading the expansion of the company’s new Las Vegas division.  He remained at Derse for almost ten years, later leading a highly successful effort to boost and restructure its facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In 2003 James left Derse to fill the dual roles of President and CEO with Xibitz, Inc.  His task was a formidable one – to transform Xibitz from a small, regionally focused firm into a successful multi-service, a multi-market company that was consistently profitable.  Attracting and collaborating with clients, designer and partners nationally and internationally, he exceeded shareholders’ expectations on all levels.

Over the next twelve years, under James’ inspired leadership, Xibitz became an industry leader in national and global markets.  James nurtured the growth of the company’s prestigious portfolio of work not only by repositioning its corporate mission and vision but also by setting higher standards for the development of new markets, strategic selling, recruiting and team building.

In January 2016 James completed his tenure as CEO and President to pursue a new interest.

 Museum,    Corporate,    Healthcare,    Higher Education and Athletics,    Media
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