Business Leadership

 James Hungerford’s  business leadership reflects his lifelong commitment to identify and execute best business practices and build partnerships with employees, colleagues, and clients based on trust and mutually beneficial goals.

With over 30 years of experience developing successful companies, building innovative organizations, and leading creative marketing teams, James has an extraordinary ability to inspire, promote and sustain the financial and cultural health of organizations as well as the prosperity of partners and employees.

In a supportive, consultative and participatory leadership role, James will enable working partners to:

Museum,    Corporate,    Healthcare,    Higher Education and Athletics,    Media
  • Grow into industry and market leaders by providing direction and a platform to elevate their interaction, communication, and discussion with clients and colleagues.
  • Operate with the highest integrity and build trust among partners, clients and employees.
  • Focus on determining and defining the ideal business models, markets, clients, partnerships, and projects.
  • Activate initiatives that are valuable to clients, partners, employees and to the entire organization.
  • Focus on the customer’s experience; develop intellectual information, processes, and services they value.
  • Stay highly collaborative with every client, every partner, every employee. Engage all of these valuable contributors in building and sustaining trust and inspiring new opportunities.
  • Strive for the highest level of execution – delivering quality, service, timing and value.
  • Develop consistent content and messaging to raise market awareness and build organizational trust.
  • Build an organizational culture that will embrace, nurture and elevate the company’s vision, strategies and goals.
  • Unite departments and teams to work effectively and cohesively using proven strategies and processes to ensure success.
  • Measure performance against strategies and plans, then provide correctional change as needed.
  • Be open and adaptable to change and diversity.
  • Be fiscally accountable and responsible for measuring financial performance and eliminating risk.
  • Follow through with operational and marketing strategies that are consistently aligned with your business goals; Share. Communicate. Educate.
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