Discover a new world of physical & technology design solutions for exhibitions & environments

Welcome to Bluewater Studio

Providing a new path to the development of exhibitions and environments, we set up this Studio to address the exhibition and environment challenges and opportunities facing today’s designers and architects. A subsidiary of Bluewater, the Michigan-based technology experience company, Bluewater Studio offers a full range of intellectual, creative, fabrication and installation services. Furthermore, all of these resources are under the direction of a uniquely talented creative team with decades of experience managing projects in museums, corporations, healthcare, and higher education.

Hungerford, Zuern, and Gould were part of the leadership team that drove the success of Xibitz during the past decade and prior to the change of ownership. As CEO and President of Xibitz Inc., Hungerford oversaw that company’s corporate growth and the development of environment and exhibition projects for a wide variety of clients. Zuern and Gould were key members of his team. Now they’ve founded Bluewater Studio to take their work to a whole new level.

James Gould, VP of Operations, James Hungerford, Sr. VP, and Erich Zuern, Executive Producer are breaking new ground as Bluewater Studio’s leadership team.

“Bluewater Studio opened new opportunities for us, advancing our vision and expanding our ability to serve our clients. It presents the perfect opportunity to integrate advanced media technology with proven design strategy, development and production of highly creative environments, cultural experiences and spaces. And we’re already feeling the excitement that this new approach is generating.”
– James Hungerford
Sr. VP, Bluewater Studio

To learn more about Bluewater Studio, visit our website. Once you’ve explored our services to see how we can take your projects to a new creative level, call us at 248.356.5123.

If you are interested in learning more about Bluewater as a whole, visit their main site.

Manual of Museum Exhibitions, Second Edition, edited by Barry Lord and Maria Piacente – An Impressive Piece of Work.


I’ve been working in the exhibition and environmental branding industry for over 30 years.  Delivering creative projects for the Museum, Corporate, Healthcare, and Higher Education & Athletics markets.  I have acquired a tremendous appreciation for the numerous processes and steps necessary to execute a successful visitor experience or exhibition (physical and virtual) in any three-dimensional space.

If you are involved in planning, developing, designing, producing or fabricating physical and virtual experiences, in any three-dimensional space – story driven, brand driven, cultural or exhibition driven – I would like to share a fabulous resource that was published in 2015.

The “Manual of Museum Exhibitions”, Second Edition, edited by Barry Lord and Maria Piacente is an impressive piece of work.  Although, the Manual is focused on Museum Exhibition, per its title, it is truly a valuable source of proven knowledge that can be applied in the development of a broad range of physical and virtual experiences.

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Building Business Growth Through Smarter and More Effective Collaboration

In 2003, I accepted the challenge of turning around a struggling regional business that had lost most of its market share.  Because of the need to rebuild and develop new business growth, I turned my attention to the practice of collaborating and its role in building strategic business and client partnerships in a national and global market.

As CEO and president of this business, I was engaged in many successful collaborations with numerous clients and partners.  All were different…and each had their own complexities and challenges.  In addition to the advantages they brought to the firm, these experiences have been vital to my own personal growth and awareness that “being” collaborative and “thinking” collaboratively can provide considerable value – individually, organizationally, and reciprocally for clients and partners.

As business leaders, our capacity to successfully collaborate with other businesses and professionals may be one of our most influential and most valuable competencies needed to sustain business growth in today’s very competitive climate.

Today, I believe these experiences have not only made me a more effective and caring collaborative leader, but they have elevated my knowledge and capacity to form smarter and more effective collaborations.  I have learned many lessons about how to partner and collaborate well, and I have come to a profound appreciation for the subject as an art and a science.  I find collaboration with other businesses and professionals extremely rewarding;  the greatest rewards are the shared benefits that can come from it when it is done well.

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