Discover a new world of physical & technology design solutions for exhibitions & environments

Welcome to Bluewater Studio

Providing a new path to the development of exhibitions and environments, we set up this Studio to address the exhibition and environment challenges and opportunities facing today’s designers and architects. A subsidiary of Bluewater, the Michigan-based technology experience company, Bluewater Studio offers a full range of intellectual, creative, fabrication and installation services. Furthermore, all of these resources are under the direction of a uniquely talented creative team with decades of experience managing projects in museums, corporations, healthcare, and higher education.

Hungerford, Zuern, and Gould were part of the leadership team that drove the success of Xibitz during the past decade and prior to the change of ownership. As CEO and President of Xibitz Inc., Hungerford oversaw that company’s corporate growth and the development of environment and exhibition projects for a wide variety of clients. Zuern and Gould were key members of his team. Now they’ve founded Bluewater Studio to take their work to a whole new level.

James Gould, VP of Operations, James Hungerford, Sr. VP, and Erich Zuern, Executive Producer are breaking new ground as Bluewater Studio’s leadership team.

“Bluewater Studio opened new opportunities for us, advancing our vision and expanding our ability to serve our clients. It presents the perfect opportunity to integrate advanced media technology with proven design strategy, development and production of highly creative environments, cultural experiences and spaces. And we’re already feeling the excitement that this new approach is generating.”
– James Hungerford
Sr. VP, Bluewater Studio

To learn more about Bluewater Studio, visit our website. Once you’ve explored our services to see how we can take your projects to a new creative level, call us at 248.356.5123.

If you are interested in learning more about Bluewater as a whole, visit their main site.

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